We are planning to go bigger and better with 2022 and we would love for you to be involved with us. Last year we attracted a sell out of 450 vehicle display tickets and had a further 900 vehicle public tickets. This resulted in circa 2,000 people attending over the 1 day with a social media audience of 217,651. 2022 will be bigger and better.

Register HERE


Is there a cost?

There is a flat fee of £120+VAT

What are my size restrictions?

On registration, please fill in the size you require. We are not restricting the sizes, although we are running a fair play policy. Your vehicles will be directly parked behind your stand.

Do i need PLI?

Yes, we require a Public Liability Insurance which can be submitted closer to the event. Any trade stand without a PLI will not be granted access.

Where will my stand be located?

Your stand will be on cut grass and outside. We have a dedicated area for trade sellers which we are improving for 2022.

Can i sell food/drink?

Sadly not, Thruxton have an exclusivity contract for food and drink and therefore we can't allow anyone else on site.

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Hendy Performance Thurxton-0199.jpg

Are there any Terms and Conditions?

Full T&Cs can be found HERE, please make sure you read them prior to registering.

Can I enhance my awareness over the event?

We will be selling a limited number of ad space in the programme at £125+VAT per full page. The option to purchase a space will be in the registration form.

When can I set up?

Access will be available on the 23rd July and early on the 24th July.

Do you have a  Covid Cancellation Policy?

If we need to cancel the event due to legal restrictions because of Covid, you will be entitled to a full refund.

How To Register My Stand?

1.) Make sure you read the FAQs and T&Cs HERE

2.) Fill in the trade stand request form HERE and submit for reviewal.

3.) Provide your public liability insurance either when submitting the form or closer to the event.

4.) Nearer the event we will confirm details of Hendy Foundation, set up location and details.

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