New to 2022, we are proud to introduce a full club display area. Book with your club and show off your cars together. Free for 2022. 

Please Note: All club registrations need to be submitted by 3rd July 2022.

How To Register Your Club?

1.) The club admin or chosen individual must complete a club request form which can be found HERE.

2.) By registering, it means you abide by the T&Cs found HERE.

3.) After successful registration your club will be added as a drop down menu on the Thruxton Circuit website.

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Hendy Performance Thurxton-9441.jpg

Club Already Registered?

1.) If your club has already registered, just go to our event on the Thruxton website HERE.

2.) When you register for club tickets, you should see your club in the dropdown. Select the club and continue with your registration.

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